The FINEON EXCHANGE Marketplace connects Exporters with Funders and Insurers who are willing to insure and finance their export receivables whether from specific geographic locations or diversified portfolios.  Thereby exporters can improve their cash conversion cycle at optimised rates. By utilising credit insurance and rating /scoring of receivables, Exporters get the benefit of lower cost of funds, while Funders benefit from the platform’s Alternative Finance structures to streamline processes, lower their capital requirements and mitigate risks.

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Next Generation
Export Finance Marketplace




  • Exporters can sell their total export receivable portfolios
  • Fund export receivables that are usually out of reach to Exporters own funders
  • Exporters access a global and stable pool of receivables purchasers for a potentially unlimited source of funding
  • Funders can access a rich spectrum of international receivables


  • Exporters adjust their receivable portfolio selling conditions and volumes to meet their needs
  • Funders can build their own mix of receivable portfolios to meet their individual requirements
  • Onboarding for all is fast and simple


  • All receivable portfolios and companies undergo stringent due diligence and credit selection procedures
  • Transactions covered by Credit Insurance


  • No hidden costs
  • No surprise fees
  • No complex conditions
  • Reporting through online dashboards


Innovative Trade Finance solutions, coupled with credit insurance, help mitigate the costs. Advanced receivable finance techniques help extract cash from the balance sheet and accommodate the Exporters total receivables portfolio financing requirements.


Utilising the latest technology, Fineon Exchange’s modular approach in constructing its marketplace platform ecosystem allows it to connect with its business partners through specially crafted APIs that enable Quality Control combined with Compliance & AML checks.


API Integration with strategic third party partners.

Quality Controls

Smart info collection, multi-AML checks, Strict Quality Control, Financial Ratios Analysis on Exporters data, in order to expedite Compliance, Credit & Risk checks

Compliance & AML Checks

Performing multiple automated quality control checks to ensure delivery of exceptional quality portfolios in the interests of the funders and insurers

Real time artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence to create an “Assistive Offer Creating Wizard” aka Robo-Advisor for Smart Offer creation

Quality Controls

The platform integrates the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to maintain and uphold trust


Applying its trade finance & technology expertise, the Fineon Exchange Marketplace is built to maximise adoption while reducing friction & constraints typically experienced by Exporters in the trade finance space through innovation in data processing and best in class UI/UX utilisation; providing a seamless customer journey assisted by our advanced AI Robo Advisor that incentivises data sharing and optimises matchmaking efficiency to deliver a sleek, value add marketplace for working capital optimisation.



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