What was your last full time role?

Prior to joining Fineon Exchange, I was the Business Development Manager of UbiQ Innovations, a Supply Chain Finance service provider operating in the MENA and Turkey markets.

How did you get into working in Trade Finance and how long ago did you start?

I started working in Trade Finance in 2010 when I joined Levant Factors as a Sales Manager, a Lebanese based Factoring company offering working capital solutions to Lebanese SMEs.

What is the most important lesson you ever learnt?

When there is a will, there is a way! Persistence and Perseverance will take you a long way.

What inspires you about Fineon Exchange?

Three things: 1) Fantastic platform ecosystem that creates value for all stakeholders, 2) Leading the way in democratizing trade finance and 3) Amazing team that have become like family.

If you could give one bit of advice to trade finance brokers what would it be?

Digitalization is the way forward, come join us at Fineon Exchange and benefit from enhancing and optimising your workflow to better serve your clients’ working capital needs.

From the people you talk with on a daily basis, what do you feel are the main issues most brokers and import – export agents face?

Primarily access to finance or rather access to the right funding partners is the most challenging aspect of brokers and their clients, however compiling the right data set to present to potential funders is also a challenge they currently face. Fineon Exchange acts a deal management console for trade finance brokers that enables them to compile standardized data sets that are easily shared with matched funders on the Fineon marketplace.

How would you like to see the world of trade evolve from a procedural perspective?

Having entire supply chains and global trade become fully digitized is the end-goal the industry is working to achieve.

How does Fineon Exchange compare with other platforms providing access to trade finance?

Fineon Exchange’s modular approach caters to both the buyers (funders) and sellers (exporters) of trade finance assets as the platform matches listed transactions with the right funders that in turn gets access to a standardized transaction data set allowing for speedy credit decisions and building long-term business relations. We always listen to our clients’ feedback and as such are constantly updating the platform’s capabilities and functionalities whilst continuously optimising the user experience.