What was your last full time role?

I launched my career at Ernst & Young as Senior Auditor of Financial Institutions before moving to Structured Finance/Trade Receivables Securitisation at ING Wholesale Banking. Before joining Fineon Exchange, I worked as an Intermediated Lending and Synthetic Securitisation Associate at the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg, overseeing the origination, appraisal, structuring and negotiation of EIB lending operations and structured finance transactions.

How did you get into working in Trade Finance and how long ago did you start?

By joining ING Wholesale banking in their Global Receivables Finance department, I started supporting international trade and sales of multinationals. An alternative funding solution is offered to corporates to optimize their working capital position based on securitization techniques.

What is the most important lesson you ever learnt?

You can’t control everything. Sometimes, you need some luck and that happens when preparation and dedication meets (sales) opportunities

What inspires you about Fineon Exchange?

The simplicity and efficiency of our self-governing trade finance platform and the dedication and focus of our family-like international team.

If you could give one bit of advice to trade finance brokers what would it be?

It is the oldest practice in banking and the one where least disruption has been taken place. Today, this is about to change. Trade finance is utilising new technologies and going through a digital transformation. Fineon is playing an important role in this and offers brokers the possibility to make their business future proof.