Finding funding: Digital networks enabling access to trade finance

Amid turbulence in global trade, many businesses are struggling to access the trade finance they need. In a new article for Treasury Management International (TMI), our Head of Corporates, Jeanette Jones discusses how digital networks could be a game changer. Read the full article on TMI's website.

Charting the course to more accessible receivables finance

In a recent article for TRF News, CEO Dominic Broom and Hussein Al Amine, Head of Business Development and Global Strategic Alliances, explore the current landscape for global trade and how digital networks can help address the shortfall in funding worldwide.

Digitising trade finance to connect the right people at the right time

GTR sat down with CEO Dominic Broom to learn about the key findings of Fineon Exchange’s recent whitepaper and explore why using technology to bring compatible funders and corporates together could be a game changer in enabling trade finance support to underserved businesses the world over.

Fineon Exchange launches new Broker Module, enabling trade finance intermediaries to source and close trade finance deals more efficiently

The digital, one-stop-shop solution provides trade finance brokers, advisors, and consultants with access to a wide pool of funders, and efficiently identifies the bankability of deals through its matchmaking capabilities.


UK Department for International Trade lists Fineon as a finance matchmaking solution

Fineon Exchange is proud to announce that the UK Department..


Fineon Exchange appoints career banker to drive business development

Fineon Exchange, an AI-powered online marketplace for trade finance assets, has appointed Jeanette Jones as its new director..

Why Trade Finance Market Places are the Way Forward

Digital innovation is changing the way that global trade is transacted, by delivering new capabilities that facilitate..

Addressing the challenges in executing SME trade finance deals

In a new interview with IBS Intelligence, Fineon Exchange's Hussein Al-Amine sits down with Robin Amlôt to discuss the current challenges in executing trade finance deals – particularly for SMEs and funders – and how we can address them by utilising digital networks.

The critical need for digital networks in optimising access to trade finance

In a recent article for Financial IT, Hussein Al-Amine, Head of Business Development and Global Strategic Alliances at Fineon Exchange, shares his insights on the current challenges facing the trade finance industry, and why AI-powered digital networking platforms are gamechangers for improving access to finance. Read the full article on Financial IT‘s website.

Embracing digital networks will improve global access to trade finance - Fineon Exchange publishes new whitepaper

Digital networks can enhance trade finance funding opportunities, particularly for SMEs, reveals new industry survey, and in turn play a key role in addressing the US$1.7 trillion global trade finance gap.

TradeHelp and Fineon Exchange partner to provide trade finance solutions and access to trading capital for global SMEs

Integrated API between TradeHelp and Fineon Exchange will enable both AI-powered platforms to provide better trade finance and funding opportunities to commodity trading companies and all service providers.


Current Trends in Export Finance

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on trade finance has been severe as organisations battle for survival. It was estimated by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) that the trade..


Export Factoring / Export Financing explained

Export factoring refers to a technique in which a business sells its invoices to a financial intermediary and advances cash..


AI-Powered Export Finance Solutions for Funders: Enhanced Market Intelligence Capabilities

Trade finance is considered one of the most established forms..


Trade opportunities and challenges for British exporters across new markets

Previously around half of the total exports of the United Kingdom were to the partner EU countries. Leaving the European Union..

Trade Finance heavyweight takes the reins at Fineon Exchange

Fineon Exchange the leading export finance marketplace has today announced the appointment of Dominic Broom as Chief..


Trade Finance Advisors and Fineon Exchange form strategic partnership

Trade Finance Advisors (TFA), the leaders in Italian trade finance brokerage services, is pleased to announce the selection of the..

European Furniture Exports Target Emerging Markets

Fineon Exchange is in Milan to participate in the 2019 “Salone Internazionale del Mobile”, the global benchmark event for..

FINEON Exchange becomes the latest Fintech Edition in the European Export-Finance space

Herve Grosjean is Appointed as CEO & Managing Partner with..


“Our research has confirmed that there is no lack of overall risk appetite in the trade finance ecosystem, and there are plenty of quality deals in the market that are seeking funding. That means there are business opportunities to be seized. And by harnessing digital networks, the right stakeholders can find each other.”

“Find out more in our new industry whitepaper, which reveals the findings from our global survey on the challenges of executing trade finance transactions.”



Interview with Frederick Bauwens

I launched my career at Ernst & Young as Senior Auditor of Financial Institutions before moving to Structured Finance/Trade Receivables Securitisation at ING Wholesale Banking..

Interview with Hussein Al Amine

Prior to joining Fineon Exchange, I was the Business Development Manager of UbiQ Innovations, a Supply Chain Finance service provider operating in the MENA and Turkey markets.

Technology Is Key to Riding the Wave of Uncertainty

The role of technology – or fintech was traditionally limited to back-office functions for financial institutions’ execution of..

Why Exporters Need to Diversify their Trade Finance Sources

Trade finance is essential for the global trade of goods and services. It enables exporters to complete a financial..

Role of Factoring in Growing Businesses

Factoring enables businesses to acquire the capital indicated in their invoices before payment from their customers is due. It helps businesses to develop growth opportunities and..

Interview with Tradewind’s Rene Pastor

As President, Global Commercial, of Tradewind Finance, Mr. Pastor oversees the firm’s global sales and marketing efforts. Working with Tradewind’s offices around the world


Perspective with Umberto Forasassi

Covid also had an important impact in the way in which the consultants interacted with exporters. First of all, the market has suffered a sharp slowdown..

kyle-glenn-nXt5HtLmlgE-unsplash (1)

Export Finance in a nutshell

Without exception, every country on the globe has some form of export financing or guarantee program. The point of this is to both encourage exports and boost the profitability of domestic..


Transformation of the trade finance business

Why has Trade finance become an area of focus for banks, fintechs and institutional investors? What is driving this change?


Trade Finance for Dummies

The global exchange between businesses in different countries across continents is aided by a financial product called trade finance. In fact according to the World Trade Organisation..

How Credit Insurance Impacts Trade Finance

Stuart Lawson in the past decade has noticed an increasing demand for insurance products to facilitate trade..

The Cascading Economic Impact of the New Coronavirus

The cascading economic impact of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in China is becoming more apparent..

Alternative Data – A Catalyst To Boost Trade Finance

The Credit Insurance industry is small in relative size, 15% coverage of global B2B transactions, compared to the total addressable global B2B trade market of USD 12 trillion.

distributed ledger technology

FINEON Exchange: Redefining Trade Finance as an Asset Class

Michel Kilzi, Managing Partner of FINEON Exchange, in an interview with The Fintech Times about the platform’s value proposition that will offer solutions for emerging market..

FINEON Exchange: Next Generation Platform to Revitalize Trade Finance

FINEON Exchange participated in the Blockchain World Summit 2018 which took place in London across two days (12-13 September 2018), focusing..


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Augmented Intelligence – A Tech Transformation for Trade Finance Platforms

Over the last decade and with the advent of digital technology, new terminologies have come into wider use, from Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to Machine Learning and Prediction Models. More recently, companies are finding that through the implementation of Data Intelligence, they can improve their decision-making process. READ MORE >>


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