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fineon exchange

FINEON Exchange


Based in Luxembourg, with offices in London, FINEON Exchange is a global marketplace for exporters to trade their export receivables trade finance assets.


The goal of the platform is to help exporters optimize their working capital, by freeing up cash trapped in the balance sheets and connecting them with the right financial institutions and insurers, allowing exporters to grow their business and turnover.

Vision & Mission


Our vision is to become a go-to export receivable finance marketplace platform for European exporters, funders and insurers alike, by providing and ensuring value for all stakeholders through the use of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology.

Meet the Team

michel kilzi

Michel Kilzi

Founder & Managing Partner

ribal zwein

Ribal Zwein

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer

hussein al amine

Hussein Al Amine

Business Development Manager

herve grosjean

Hervé Grosjean

Founder and Managing Partner

walid chehaid

Walid Chehaid

Chief Financial Officer

samer kassem

Samer Kassem

Software Product Manager

ray webb

Ray Webb

Head of Business Development

corina denov

Corina Denov

Digital Marketing Manager

natalie dia

Natalie Dia


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