Global Export Finance Marketplace

FINEON Exchange is the AI powered global marketplace for trade finance assets, it helps corporates to increase their global sales, optimise their working capital and minimise risk by validating their trade finance requirements and matching them with the most appropriate funders and credit insurers to support their end-to-end financing needs.

The online marketplace enables funders to access a range of high-quality assets in a secure and cost-effective manner. The platform’s market intelligence capabilities also enables funders to spot industry trends and enhance their trade finance portfolios.

A data-driven platform, Fineon Exchange uses the latest technology, including advanced algorithms and an AI Robo Advisor (AIRA), to help users submit relevant information, validate data inputs and optimise financing requests, thereby delivering maximum value to all stakeholders.

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Exporters view FINEON EXCHANGE as a reliable, strategic resource for placing and distributing Export Receivable Assets from developed and emerging higher risk countries.

Tailored Portfolio Approach protocol that secures varied trade finance options including non-recourse receivables finance, forfaiting, L/C financing, asset based lending and securitisation that drives Transparent Price Discovery for counterparties to transact more efficiently.

Artificial Intelligence Robo Advisor to assist Exporters in creating the most favourable export receivables finance offer enabling optimal matchmaking & achieving the best overall terms.

Flexible technology platform that efficiently caters for Exporters widest working capital needs.


The team at FINEON EXCHANGE is made up of highly experienced individuals with global expertise and local knowledge.
The dedication, creativity and intellectual vigor of our people has earned the trust of regional and international clients.



A seasoned entrepreneur Michael has launched Fineon as his 4th technology venture. Prior to this Michael acquired extensive experience in Fintech and working capital optimization through his diversified advisory and Business development roles with major banks in the middle east. Michael led a Fintech Trade Finance business in Turkey between 2014 & 2017 , with a Portfolio of US $5B.


Chief Innovation & Technology Officer

Ribal Zwein has over 20 years experience in managing and leading highly specialized software development companies globally including the US , EU and ASIA. He brings in-depth knowledge & Innovation experience in Blockchain & cloud technologies. Ribal has led teams that created successful technology products ranging from consumer applications to high precision BTB platforms.


Founder & Managing partner

Herve Grosjean is a Senior corporate finance professional holding previous experience with CCF / HSBC , followed by entrepreneurial experience in M&A transactions Corporate finance across diversified sectors. Herve has successfully managed LBO in the fintech sector. Herve acts as a Managing partner for Fineon exchange.


Head of Product

Sam is an SCF platform manager with 10 years experience in CRM including 5 years in fintech industry. Sam has expertise in a number of technologies: Salesforce CRM , MS project , VisualCron , Powershell , javascript , Visual basic & C#.


Head of Business Development

Over 10 years experience in developing startups in the trade finance , factoring & FinTech space with extensive Experience in commercial business development, business transformation, project management, strategy planning as well as planning & executing structured trade finance solutions in the MENA & Turkey region.


Chief Finance Officer

Walid has more than 16 years of expertise in overall finance strategy including capital and operating budgets, financial affairs, taxation, reporting, investments & working capital management providing comprehensive financial Information, valuation, forecasting, budgeting and analysis improving organizational decision capabilities resulting in increased profitability.


VP Relationship Management

Fred launched his career at Ernst & Young as Senior Auditor of Financial Institutions before moving to Structured Finance/Trade Receivables Securitisation at ING Wholesale Banking. Subsequently, he worked as an Intermediated Lending and Synthetic Securitisation Associate at the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg, overseeing the origination, appraisal, structuring and negotiation of EIB lending operations and structured finance transactions.

Welcome to Fineon Exchange.

Fineon Exchange is the platform that enables collaboration between key counterparties to trade finance transactions, efficiently supporting those seeking working capital solutions and those offering funding. As such, partnerships are the very essence of our business.

Our vision is to become a world-leading, digital marketplace for trade finance assets, identifying and connecting compatible exporters, funders, brokers and insurers to allow more trade transactions to be successfully executed. We are constantly striving to enhance our marketplace and to develop business partnerships, as we strongly believe the greater the volume of participants, the greater the scale of opportunities and benefits for its users.

Thank you for exploring Fineon Exchange – we hope you are inspired to join us so we can deliver trade finance services suited to your needs and connect you with trade finance partners that are ready and waiting to help your business flourish.

– Dominic Broom, Chief Executive Officer, Fineon Exchange



Head Office: Luxembourg, 14 Mathias

Hardt street, L 1717 – Luxembourg

+352 20 30 18 50