FINEON Exchange

FINEON Exchange offers optimized funding and insurance coverage for the receivables of European companies exporting to developing countries, by matching Exporters with potential local, regional and global Funders.

FINEON Exchange serves as a marketplace, where Exporters can auction or request offers for their export receivables portfolio online to Funders willing to purchase them. Exporters will benefit from risk mitigation around obligor risks, while having access to Funders, Insurers for an optimized Export Financing Scheme.

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At FINEON Exchange, our mission is to connect Exporters with potential Funders to finance their export receivables, thereby lowering their cash conversion cycle at optimized rates.

Utilizing credit insurance and rating /scoring their receivables, Exporters will benefit from lower cost of funds, while Funders will benefit from reduced risk throughout their portfolios.


Effective Value Ecosystem: API Connectors, Automation and Business Intelligence Analytics, Rating & Scoring propositions as well as a slick user interface that allows maximum user satisfaction.

A truly unique trade finance working capital optimization marketplace that incorporates matchmaking, scoring & rating through an auction or RFQ space that caters to a win-win mentality, whereby all stakeholders benefit.

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